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From the moment I became cognizant of my cognitive cognition I knew I was hooked .  Gliding swan, wobbly legged lambs, spawning red salmon invoked in me a passion to capture reflections of life from my coloring box.  But the Circle Of Life did give me pause.  Predators, hunger, abandoned newborns…was I exempt from the dark side of the Circle of Life? In time, I realized my safeguard is the human freedom to make choices that protect and empower. The problem?  I couldn’t find a warranty.  I didn’t trust the result of my choices would all be positive.  I wanted a guarantee that even my worst decisions would bear the natural consequence of forgiveness and personal growth, regardless of discomfort.  I searched and, after time, found an insurance plan that didn’t cost my freedom of choice.  It simply entrusts the results to the author of the circle of life, and life beyond the circle.


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    ART PRINTS (all $75) only available in approx. 12x16 or 12x18 depending on original size of painting (and correlate with the first size listed).

    CANVAS GICLEE and ALUMINUM prints are shown in most popular sizes/prices, but ARE AVAILABLE in ANY SIZE that fits the ratio of the piece.

    For a quote on a unique size (not listed) just email with your desired piece and dimensions and we'll make it happen!

    ALUMINUM MINI (all $333) are the smallest dimension of metal print available for each piece (and correlate with the last size listed).