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Flower Child

Flower Child by V Rae  ~  x
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Flower Child



When introspection finally gave way to deliberation, I pulled the expression jars from my drawer, selected the colors and loaded my pallet with personality.  Then I covered the canvas with a broad application of love, layering in flicks of fun, a splash of spunk and subtle hint of minx.  As the portrait progressed, I dabbed in a touch of will and gentle strokes of grace until the spirit began to emerge.  No ordinary spirit, mind you.  This one is a masterpiece, created in heaven, for universal delight.

                                                                                                    V Rae



**(Flower Children [Liberi Hominidae] are a non-migratory species native to the regional extremes of global habitat.  Born into complex social structures of cooperating and competing groups, these darling creatures are identified by bright shades of distinctive personality and instinctive predisposition toward love, trust,  joy and humility.  Spontaneous and comically disproportional in composition, Flower Children evoke tears, laughter, hugs and audible vocal emission from the adult species at each stage of development.  With care and protection, they grow into adults of similar character.)





Flower Child
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